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Sujika - The Lash Boutique


Master Stylist

Sujika started her lash career by taking The Lash Boutique’s Classic Lash Extension Course. She fell in love with lashing and has been continuing to learn and master new techniques. She is extremely attentive to client needs and desires. Sujika loves the beauty industry and believes that beautiful eyelashes can accentuate a pretty face.

Sujika enjoys taking hiking adventures during her free time. Ask her about her favorite local hiking trails!

Alexis - The Lash Boutique


Expert Stylist

Alexis specializes in Lash Lifts and Tints. Seeing the result of the enhanced beauty of her own lashes made her even more interested in delivering the feeling to others. She has always been fascinated by the beauty and cosmetic world and she is passionate about making women feel even more beautiful than they already are.

Alexis enjoys spending time with her family, making arts & crafts, and trying new restaurants in the city with her friends. Ask her about her favorite Philly restaurants!

Thao - The Lash Boutique


Expert Stylist

Thao is extremely meticulous when it comes to the application of eyelash extensions. Her lashing journey began by taking The Lash Boutique’s Classic and Volume Lash Extensions Course. She specializes in fine detail and is extremely gentle and precise; all while keeping clients’ natural lash health in mind. Thao is passionate about the beauty world and is always keeping up with the latest trends. With her experience and skills, she believes she can enhance her client’s natural beauty and boost their confidence.

Outside of the salon, you can find Thao spending time with her friends and family, and attending Philly sports games. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new cities with her friends!

Gabrielle - The Lash Boutique


Expert Stylist


Being a lash stylist for Gabrielle has allowed her to express her creativity in a way that makes women feel more beautiful and confident. Gabrielle is very stylish and personable. She has a sense of humor that allows her to connect with her clients in addition to delivering amazing lash results. As she is striving to improve her lashing skills every day, she believes that she can boost her clients’ natural beauty and help them save time on their daily makeup routine.

Gabrielle enjoys spending time with her loved ones, helping her family with their business on her off days, traveling to new cities, and trying out all different kinds of desserts!

Yairi - Expert Lash Extensions Stylist - The Lash Boutique Philadelphia


Expert Stylist

Yairi is a skilled professional in the beauty industry, specializing in eyelash extensions, lash lifts, eyebrow waxing, and eyebrow lamination. She enjoys working with clients and helping them feel their best through these beauty services. She has a passion for working with clients, transforming their looks, and building meaningful connections with them.

In her free time, Yairi enjoys spending time with her friends and family, exploring new restaurants and cafes, and has a passion for cooking and trying out new recipes. Yairi is also a big fan of live music and loves attending music concerts. In addition to these activities, she also enjoys spending time with friends and family, and she values the importance of maintaining strong relationships with the people in her life.